In 1980, our chairman Mr. Tzong Yih Hsieh founded JIN YIH MOTOR CO., LTD. Chairman Hsieh's hard working and straightforward honest leadership demanded continuous company development. Success of Sheng-E increases business at the company facilities utilize,automated production and strict quality inspection to guarantee high quality components and satisfied customers.

SUZUKI TS185 CYLINDER(11210-29900)

Over the years, Sheng-E MOTOR PARTS CO.,LTD. achieved continuous growth by closely observing the market in order to produce customer-oriented products. Our SUZUKI TS185 CYLINDER(11210-29900) is made to the same rigorous quality standards that our commercial customers demand.

SUZUKI TS185 CYLINDER(11210-29900)

SHENG-E(SEE BRAND)can supply competitive price and high quality products Such us Ceramic/Aluminum Alloy/Iron Steel Cylinder, Cylinder head, Forged Piston, Piston ring, Piston pin,Connecting Rods, Valve, Crank Shaft, Spark plug, Gasket, Cam Shaft, oil seal, bearing, chain ...etc. We also accept OEM/ODM and customize to produce...

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WE HAVE TS125 & TS185
TS125 (11210-48400)56MM
TS185 (11210-29901)64MM
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We can manufacture SUZUKI TS185 CYLINDER(11210-29900) that meets specific technical requirements. If you are looking for SUZUKI TS185 CYLINDER(11210-29900), SUZUKI TS185 CYLINDER PART NUMBER:11210-29900 or Motorcycle engine Cylinders, Motorcycle Engine Crankshafts, Motorcycle Engine Cylinder , you are in the right place. At Sheng-E MOTOR PARTS CO.,LTD., you will find every kind of SUZUKI TS185 CYLINDER(11210-29900) that you can think of, with something for all kind of business.